LifeSmiles Dental Care | BLOOMIN’ SMILES
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In Texas, we know awe-inspiring sunsets, outstretched fields of bluebonnets and a gentle breeze rippling off sparkling waters can cause any heart to bloom – and be a powerful sight. Well, at LifeSmiles we know the power of SMILES… and how a simple smile can open doors, melt hearts and pave the way to a lifetime of happiness!


And now, SHARING your smiles can lead you to a memorable “Bloomin’ Smiles” escape into the beautiful Texas Hill Country! That’s right, three fun-filled days custom-tailored to YOUR specific schedule and interests… whether it’s a riverfront family retreat, an exciting water park adventure or a relaxing trip through Texas wine country! Like the Texas sky, your options go on forever.


I know…right about now you’re asking, “So, what’s the catch?!” Simple – you just have to share our smiles! YEP, it’s that easy.


Just “FOLLOW” us on Twitter at LifeSmiles4Me or “LIKE” us on Facebook at LifeSmiles DentalCare, and you’re entered!


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