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As a young Dentist, with a wife, two toddlers and a baby on the way, Dr. Stephen Simpton launched his career as an eager professional in a high-end Austin cosmetic Dentistry practice. However, with the chance to only treat two or three patients each day, Dr. Simpton and his family decided they wanted MORE: a more personally-fulfilling practice, more of a connection to the community.


When offered the opportunity to begin seeing patients who genuinely needed the quality of care usually unavailable to them, Dr. Simpton found gratification daily in restoring the lives and health of patients at a practice in San Antonio. Treating patients from ALL walks of life, who were in pain, unable to eat solid foods and too embarrassed to even smile, brought a newfound sense of satisfaction to the Doctor.


Then, with the assistance of his wife Abby, Dr. Simpton assumed ownership of that practice…and their vision of providing state-of-the-art Dental care to the traditionally underserved members of their community became a reality. As they became increasingly committed to their local neighborhoods, the Simptons opened additional offices and began seeing their dream take root.


Now, Dr. Simpton brings more than a dozen years of experience to his new DFW neighborhood. Using his years in Central Texas to hone his skills as both a compassionate clinician – AND successful businessman, he sought to bring his unique blend of personalized care and state-of-the-art Dentistry to a new frontier!


However, with each new office and each new challenge, the Simptons have never forgotten a family Dental practice is more than a business; it’s a promise to their neighbors and community, as an unwavering commitment to ALWAYS provide a place “Where healthy smiles bloom!”

Contact us at: 972-231-4390