We all know you have only have ONE chance to make a first impression and more than 50% of people say the first thing they notice is a person’s SMILE.

At LifeSmiles Dental Care, we devote ourselves to providing you with all the tools you need to make the VERY BEST first impression…with a dazzling smile.

Whether you seek a neighborhood Dental practice for your entire family, a cosmetic makeover for improved self-esteem, a lifetime of overdue Dental treatment with a range of sedation options for both adults and children or just want the gateway to better overall wellness proper Dental care provides, look to LifeSmiles for that smile of a lifetime!

As responsible adults, we check our car tires, we check our bank balances, we check our email and messages. But, how often do we overlook having our TEETH checked? If it’s been awhile since a Dentist lifted your “hood” for a check-up, now’s the time!

Nearly 30% of Americans admit they’re afraid to go to the Dentist, regardless of the pain they may be experiencing due to a Dental issue. But, no need to sacrifice your smile OR health…with lots of care & sedation options available!

Despite having great Dental health and following a regular check-up schedule, you may STILL be unhappy with the appearance of your smile. But thanks to cosmetic Dentistry, you can have a Hollywood smile!

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